Crazy Reality

He is as white as snow and as thin as the wind but sadly not as free.

He is trapped by his mind, most will say but to himself, this pale thin lost kid only represents a lot of possibilities. Every morning he does something different, watches the dark clouds give rain. He watches the water fall down on the earth, and the sprinkling of it. He is fascinated, vastly entertained. He is the moment and when the clouds become white, to him, it seems like the whole world has turned into gloom and that despair filled his belly but the sadness doesn’t last long and it goes away… and then when funny shapes and colors passes through his mind again he is relieved, happy and fascinated one again. He feels loved when he hears a certain sound and feels hate when he feels a harsh touch. A crazy reality of his many might say. Governed by funny laws.

His existence might be short if it were not for the people who took care of him. The mental hospital people. So, what does it matter? In his mind, reality was what it was. No one else’s opinion matter, no one else’s feelings. He lived by what he felt, his crazy reality.

To say we are not in a position that of him will be as crazy as to say we think such a kid is a sane being.

WE ARE limited by our desires, our sensations. Fascinated by what we ourselves are fascinated. We are not free and to other beings, we might as well be thin and pale and crazy. Well, at least we live/exist a long time? Our time is relatively a long time. To the big and old universe, our time is as closed to nothing as it may get. Our funny reality is very unimportant to say beings that can exist and enjoy life longer (assuming we are able to enjoy life).

So, what does it matter? We are trapped in our reality. We can’t get out and frankly one may not even care. One may be too entertained watching TV, too busy working as hard one can, even too happy having fun times with the family. So, only one question remains, is there a better reality? A much better life?

Some claim they are able to change their reality. True freedom they must have if it were indeed true. And it’d be good for them but for the rest of us, normal folks, when we see what they have accomplished, we will just think they are unimportant or even we’d think they are damn crazy.

It is hard not to say–choose your reality. Be crazy…. Feel good! Experience new things. Understand your life. And be in charge of yourself.But it may also be that their crazy realities will restrain them in it and will not let them do much.

If it were a choice, what will you make yourself feel? What will you make yourself love and hate? The possibilities are endless. When it comes to me, I’d pick every reality that contains two simple rules. Where once can understand everything as it is and a reality where I can put in practice such understanding.


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