It is ingrained with us. How we act and why we act such a way. Therefore, one can know how people will act in a certain situation. The strongest reason that determines our actions is the fact that we are humans. We are built in such a way. The more one knows about what it meanst to be a human, the more one is to understand why people act the way they do.

We all have a calling. It is the same calling. Find some beautiful and make love to it. Try to in the very least. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in the eyes of those who see… if one pays enough attention, they’d see beauty they haven’t realize before. And if someone else sees this, they also will find it beautiful given they are also humans. Some beauty it is just easier to see. Some beauty everyone is capable of seeing.

Is this type of life really so bad? I’d compare it to drifting on a lake. Not drifting on a sea because a sea moves too fast and it can get rough. To a lake, because it is soft, easy and comfortable. It is easy to feel like we do. It is our calling. To love what we love. Sometimes, our acts even give us great satisfaction.

However, it is not impossible to escape such a calling. You may call it a second calling. Take for example a great mathematician, why was Euler so obsessed with mathematics? Or why did Picasso care so much about art? There is beauty in those life’s fields. It can be of use. It can be satisfactory. It is not beauty easy to see. It is hard but at the end of the day, it makes humanity better off. Just like the doctors of today make us better off than the healers of the past.

If there is a reason to stop drifting on a lake, it’d be to find new ways to improve ourselves. The calling then it will not only be to feel what we feel already. It’d be to ultimately to improve oneself in ways one sees it fit. People will be like explores on a new land. They’d find out what things make them tick and why things work the way they do.

To escape what occupies most of our time may be actually worth it. Though, it may be very painful to be such a way… unless you really know what you are doing. It will depend on one’s will and determination. There may be a state in which what one wills one loves. This can often be destructive but such a destructive behaviour could be easy to recognize. The main point will be to not engage on what one already knows is destructive behaviour.

This then is the answer to if there is more than life to just merely living, getting a job that gets you enough food, and having sex with what you can find. What life also offers is exploring, improving and ultimately wanting the best.


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