I am not the best looking. So, I should shoot for someone who looks just slightly above my looks. That’s how relationships work. It doesn’t make sense for a person that has a lower quality of life to be with someone say rich, smart and beautiful. Opposites attract. Maybe, maybe not, maybe both.

I heard once that people that were smart both would attract each other if they both subscribe to religion or say atheism. In that case, they are opposite and alike at the same time. But this all seems for fat fetched. It would just seem that you can find people that have different beliefs in a relationship and also share some beliefs as well. It is not really that either opposite or alike people attract. Or perhaps you need both. Yeah.

I want to have a lover. Like you (like you also need a lover, I didn’t mean I want a lover like you). At some point we all feel like this. We should move to this desire as if we had no self controlled because at the end of the day, this is what we are all about. One of our cores. I asked a friend of mine, what was the most important thing in her life? And she said her boyfriend. So, having a lover is quite the important event for a lot of people. My friend, I believe exaggerates the fact that it is important to have a lover in our lives. For some people, that is one of the big ones.

So, single people like me, we are failing at one of the most important things in life. Either that, or I am confused.

How does my brain work,, neurologists? Am I a deterministic type of guy? I am a responder of circumstances. Of that which happens in the present (note that one might respond to circumstances in the mind, things that haven’t happened yet in the future. Which might create unnecessary unrealistic stress). People then behave toward circumstances in their environment. For example if they see an attractive woman, they become appreciative of it. And act in order to make her like you and to know that one is interested in her.

Lover of mine. Will you freak out? Will you find the continuous amount of analysis I do i everyday life exhausting? As long as I don’t be an asshole to you, it should be alright. Where matters of the heart is concerned, no one knows. Will you find my kisses enchanting? My touch lightning? Lover, will you exist?

To paraphrase love is to paraphrase humanity. People express their love in different ways, each unique, each its own world. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. In order to let someone feel like you love them, you must do what they think of love. Else, they might feel unloved or even they might think you don’t know the love language. And how can you expect a person like that to have a normal relationship? What kind of genes are those? How can they get someone to have sex and reproduce? Perhaps, this even is unimportant. And I am thinking too much into it.

The recipe of love. The recipe of life. It is a catastrophe. A mess. And yet, I must be courageous. If I am like other people and other people get love, then that means that I will get love. And if someone that isn’t like me, gets love, then I must worry because someone like me might not get love.

I must be courageous to obtain happiness. Go through mess and find my well deserved reward. Or maybe, I should become asexual. The first in my genetic line. To not get my reward but not go through mess.

The smartest way to love. Is not.


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