Love in Different Times

Love. Love. Loveeeeeeeeeeee. Do we ever get tired of saying it? In our hearts, it seems to be engraved. In our minds, soft whispers and voices that call out for it. For love. And to this need of ours, to find the thing that which is our being’s purpose we create, listen, recreate stories and songs about love. How to get it, how to keep it and how to do without it. There might be other cases that which could prove way more complicated (if more complicated is possible) like what to do when love ends or when to know when love is not possible. Bear in mind, when I say love is the feeling between two people that which makes them form a couple, often involving mouth to mouth contact. I call the love that one may have for another non love because it just involves one love and not two. Unrequited love is in the real of non love.

And love was the creator of this following story. One seems to live with the fantasy of that fairy tale type of love, where one meets their true half and after that they are separated no longer. Reality can be so far from fantasy, though, And sometimes people are left to work with what they … can get. And at this point is when I started talking about my particular predicament with love. Neither to my left or my right, forward or backward, I see no sign of the love that was promised. Promised by who? By someone or something, such one or thing must be held accountable. This would be a reason to keep trying after all, because it was promised.

Try. There is no try. And that’s what Yoda says. But what does he know of love? Ha, It’s just a green little thing.

After you knock enough doors, eventually one will open. But before that, you’d need to experience the sucky feelings such as knowing you feel love (or at least like) towards someone that doesn’t love you back.

And so, my pleas were then answered or I answered someone’s pleas, there is perhaps no telling of who started it. Once you find love, it seems like everything was small compared to that final moment where you found it. And you are happy all the time. Like in the clouds with that special someone.

She liked to tease me, why? I wouldn’t know. It was obvious that she loved me. When love happens, it might give you some sort of affinity with what that other person might feel. And who I am joking I liked to tease her, too. And we laughed, spending probably 80 percent of our relationship making each other laugh.

“Your hair is too long”. i loved her hair. “Laugh more please” And every minute that she smiled/laughed I treasured in my heart. “Less of that little tongue of yours” Nope. More of it.

The way she sang, you could taste the happiness of the melody. I was ever more attracted to her when she sang. Why so often I couldn’t wait for her to finish and ended up interrupting her with a kiss. Her friends would say, they haven’t ever seen her so happy as when she was with me. Ever? I would asked. That made me happy. And when one of her friends insinuated herself to me, I chuckled a little before controlling the chuckle completely and coldly told her, “See you later”.

And many guys would surround her all the time. Asking her out, flirting with her and every time she noticed me, she’d make a big fuss that she was mine and the look of those guys faces would be close to the speechless frozen type. They’d often leave but the ones who had no sense will just be ignored. They couldn’t do much against that. Except this one, yell and got mad. We looked at him awkwardly and he got embarrassed and soon left.

And our life was happy.

You are maddening, Maddy. But what will i do without you? “Your kids do really know how to make you happy”

“Are you jealous?” She responded with a sweet smile.

“You know how crazy that smile makes me feel?” I got close to her, perhaps a little too much in front of the children. And whispered “Sex at 6:00pm”

“Scheduling that again?” She laughs while pushing me away with a hit of her palm. And that touch produces sparks within us.

She sings and dances with the kids and i fool around with them. Dancing while sending her dirty looks from time to time. I find this hilarious. She only finds it amusing. Hitting me lightly when she thought it was too much.

To be continued…


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