Love in Different Times 2

Me and her. Kissing, loving, touching, It was a story I made up. I always wanted a better story that what I actually got. And that would have done splendidly.

It didn’t happen quite like that. Not at all. i never really met her face to face, that close. Never and I never will. She was cute though, And I did love her. The date she took my heart, she was sparkling, shining. That day she was the center of the universe. Of my universe, I could have been blind and still notice that the source of those splendorous rays was her.

“I like your swagger”. I needed to grab her attention and I didn’t know what else to say other than that. So, I opted for what the cool kids say.

Her eyes grew big with amazement. I took it as a compliment, in all her traveling she must have not seen someone like me. “What does swagger mean?” She inquired.

What does it matter what it means? I thought. I only wanted to talk to you. However, I respond to this true or false, the only true motive is to have continued the conversation. I stared at her as well with big eyes in silence. “I like your style”. I finally said. “That’s what it means”. I had forgotten my purpose. It was easy to forget things at that moment. My wits was a blurry mess.

“Oh” She managed to sigh. She seemed confused still but gradually becoming quite cheerful. As if she was suspecting an inevitable joke or an invitation for flirtation. I could have swear she pass her hand through her hair. And got a little closer to speak to me almost in whispers. Soft, inviting, wet, naked.

What is going on to me? In front of me is a beautiful girl and I can’t seem to dwell in the present. Else, i am lost in a different dimension were things move slower and faster at the same time. Where my heart move hard and slow. And I smiled. This is love. I could recognize the feeling, even though this time it was more intense than I remembered.

“Are you okay?” She was concerned. I must have looked feverish. About to fall down, a bad case of love at first sight. As if the carpets have been pulled from my feet.

“Yes, I am okay. To be honest, I am just blown up by you. There is something about you that has made quite an impression”. I muttered here and there but yet managed to say passingly cool like.

And just like that, it was as if we have known each other all our lives. And that there was never that could take us apart. “I bet you must say that to every girl”. She teased, knowingly that such words could not be said here and there, casually, to not just any girl.

.”My name is… Nice to meet you. I’d like to hug you”

“I’d like to hug you, too and my name is…”

:”Cool” There was nothing else to say other than that.

“Cool” She knew that as well.

Love. Strange, incomprehensible and when it happens, there is no greater motivation to keep people together. Her left foot and my right foot might as well have been tied together. And it was so strange and lovely indeed,

Months passed by and even though, we didn’t have many chances to see each other. Each moment was ecstasy, Because even though we didn’t spend a lot of time together, each moment we shared felt like infinity in our lives and hearts. That filled us with so much more than any moment being apart could ever take away. Or that any moment apart that would come could ever exhaust. The goodness that resulted in us being together will last us a forever and more.

Though, all of this really didn’t happen either. The only truth of this tale might have been that I am a sucker for love. And that this … girl never really quite existed in my timeline. Though, I did fall for her… She could have not been mine. She was of a different time. After all, I met her on a 1970 music video in YouTube with black hair and a full smile which made me wished I was born in a different time and met her in different circumstances.


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