True Genius

There is an assertive belief that was engrained in me long ago. I have heard these voices through out my life. “You are really smart” or “you are genius”. And “you are pretty intelligent”; I have come to believed those voices and live by it. So much so that I feel the need to make a blog about being the smartest person in the planet. But what does that even mean? I am not rich by any means and you’d think a smart person will have plenty of money. God, what does being smart even mean? Being able to do long multiplications in your head? Being able to remember what have you learned before? I forget. Good thing Google is my friend (a bit of sarcasm there).

And yet, I must push forward… towards this illusive mirage of a goal. Not because I was made to believe that my essence as a human being was of intelligence but because I am good at it and to be frank I enjoy being all around intelligent.

I am crying. Do you really think I am crying? Maybe so. Follow me on this. These are just words and tend to disappoint. I am not crying but I somewhat am. How to perfectly describe it? It is quite impossible. And let me give you at this moment the ability to think whatever you’d like. And so, I am regretfully touched by my inability to describe my thoughts in its entirety. That what an intelligent man wants is to be a true genius.

I am indecisive and have low self-teem when dealing with women I am interested in and when trying to meet job qualifications. But with the knowledge that I could improve on these weaknesses if I so dared, these same weaknesses feel meaningless.

And another grain within me is that I don’t give up. If I put my mind in something, it is hard for me to move away from it. Or so this I tell myself. I also tell myself when not giving up to work smarter and not harder. To try different ways of doing things, get knowledge on how to do that very same thing I am not able to do and if all fails to do the hardest thing and move on.

And perhaps this is where true genius lies. In a road trip, you may have to drive for thousands of miles. It won’t matter that you are 10 miles/hour above the speed limit, you won’t get to your destination just like that. It is not that you need high speed to get to your destination. It is that you need high speed and time. I presume it is the same for skill. It doesn’t matter how hard you practice on your craft, you won’t get there after some time. And just like in a road trip, to get where one wants to be, it takes time.

And it takes speed. Just because one doesn’t arrive immediately with high speeds doesn’t mean to slow down else one is too late.

I am intelligent. But do I work hard? For longs periods of time? If I were to do so and if i were patient with this and wait it out, there shouldn’t be a doubt that a true genius will emerge. A genius with the ability to produce high quality products and services in the chosen craft


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