Hello, I am the smartest person in the world or the most stupid one depending on your point of view. The better view is probably that I am an above average person. I like to think a lot. I like to understand things; often things that matter. I am a learner for life. You may say I am a philosopher but you’d be wrong since my BA degree is in Physics. I grew in Peru. I’ve moved to the states when I was 13. I really like it here… except for a few exceptions here and there. I don’t see myself as a citizen of any country. I prefer to see it as if I were a child of humanity. I love music. Music doesn’t love me for I suspect it has made me crazy. I am somewhat crazy in the sense I am not your typical 21 year old. In ten years, I see myself as the smart person in the world and contradictorily enough, a father of 10 children. Contradictory since I am against overpopulation after all.  I am glad the latter was a joke.

And Mary had a little lamb… and I wonder what the has to do with what I am talking about now.

I’ve been critical for most of my life. Now, I feel like I need practice being more easy going and random but still thoughtful.

What I really want is understanding and the ability to act on such understanding.

It seems easy for me to love people when they play nice. If they are rather mean, I try for not to affect me much and see if there is a way in which I can’t make them change their opinions.

And one more thing. I do in fact like to have fun! Which means I like games.



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